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The Virgo Man

When you date a Virgo man you will discover that he projects a cool and calming manner on the outside whereas inside he can conceal a quite intensity and deep sensuality. Rarely idle, they are industrious and productive above all else. 

They are very selective when choosing a lover. In sexual relationship they are extremely caring but somewhat controlling too, and have the capacity to make their partner feel the most wanted person on the earth.

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The Virgo man can be super-critical, obsessive with perfection, secretive, and are particularly attracted to cleanliness – traits that may sometimes be a dilemma in the relationship with their partner. 

As a lover, the Virgo man is highly discriminative, honourable, discreet and practical.

They love genuine romance, praise, straightforward sex and a reliable partner who has intelligence as well as attractive physical attributes. 

They cannot tolerate gushy sentiment, crudeness or vulgarity and like their sex to be as tidy as possible. 

The stomach area is the Virgo erogenous zone, so stroking, kissing and caressing this area is sure to arouse their passion for action. 

Best Bed Mates for the Virgo: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio.  

The Virgo Man - Career Profile

Beneath the quite reserved manner of the Virgo Man lies a dynamo operating at full speed.  

Those born under this Sign simply love to scrutinize and bounce ideas around so that generally they are bound to come up with some practical answers. 

These Virgo men are straight shooters who deal in the truth plain and simple and, who like to smooth the progress of solutions as a service to others. 

They are practical people who will set achievable goals both for themselves and any others working for them. They are task-oriented, highly organized, and are a very loyal colleague who, while getting things done will often be reluctant to take any of the credit.

Virgo men are the thinkers, problem-solvers, and the organizers within a group and, where they can learn to control their tendency to criticize, they can accomplish a great deal. 

Their commitment to work ethic and perfectionism can lead to nervous strain and ill health so it is important that the Virgo man seeks a balance in life. 

In line with their highly organized outlook and perfectionist trait the Virgo will favour the latest in up market electronic equipment for work efficiency and a quality engineered smooth running motor car.   

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These efficient folk really commit their full energy input to their vocations. 

They are not frightened of hard work, are extremely conscientious and industrious, very positive and, a pleasure to work with. 

They are a little too modest to be the ones in command so tend to perform better as part of a back-up team rather than as the boss. Organization and the organization and direction of others are their forte. 

Any vocation that requires intellect, industry, responsibility and resourcefulness, will be perfect for the Virgo man. They make tremendous doctors, nurses, chemists, secretaries, Social workers, teachers and veterinarians and generally excel in any work that involves service to others. 

They were born to study, solve problems, to heal and to organize and to serve by assisting other to develop their potential.     

Some suitable vocations for the Virgo Man: 

Accountant, Analyst, Airline Attendant, Animal Breeder/Health, Butler, Chemical Related, Chiropractor, Civil servant, Computer work, Clerical, Critic, Dentist, Dressmaker, Doctor, Publishing Editor, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Investigations, Medical, Manager, Nurse, Nutritional, Programmer, Pharmacist, Secretary, Social Worker, Surveyor, Statistician, Teacher, Technician, Veterinarian.

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